As a company, Lucent Products intends to enable you to create and customize a portfolio of non-insurance products that are compatible with your current insurance business. Our non-insurance products possess the following features:

  • They complement insurance products. Your clients will see the connection between your insurance and non-insurance products.

  • They offer commissions to promote sales and hierarchy overrides to promote recruiting. Not all of them will offer residual income, but some will. If the compensation is not structured by their vendors to mimic the insurance-industry hierarchy, Lucent Products will create such a compensation hierarchy.

  • These products can be offered to individuals or groups, preferably both.

  • Their intrinsic values will be good enough to forestall accusations that you baited-and-switched with the goal of selling only insurance.

    • If such an accusation would be a hardship for you, even if unfounded, we recommend that (1) you set goals to sell a certain volume of Lucent products rather than just talking to prospects about them; (2) you sell some products to clients who do not buy your insurance products, and (3) you consider telling your prospects that you also write insurance only after they enroll in a non-insurance product. In other words, these product offerings should not be used exclusively as bait to sell insurance products; you must make the effort of selling and supporting these complementary products.

ID Shield/Legal Shield


With one appointment contract, you can offer two hot products. See more.