Legal Shield (The Company)

Legal Shield (the company) offers two products for brokers to resell, Legal Shield (the product) and ID Shield. You can sell both products with one appointment. If you enroll through Lucent Products, there is no cost for the appointment provided you have an insurance license; otherwise, you pay $99 to get set up. You will also be automatically moved up the compensation hierarchy to the Senior-Director level. This affects your compensation. You don't want to begin at the bottom if you can help it. Commissions on both products are paid quickly. You can sell one, the other, or both. It is entirely up to you and your clients. 


ID Shield

Nearly everyone has heard the stories of the huge data breaches by Equifax and others. Identity theft and fraud are top of mind for many people. That means that you have an opportunity here. Although there are several identity-theft products out there, this one stands out for its association with the Kroll detective agency, a division of Duff & Phelps, a leader in corporate risk management. Here are some other points to consider:

  • Identity theft is a door opener

  • Group or individual sales can be made

  • There is residual income

  • We have turnkey online training

  • No state license is required to sell this product


Legal Shield

Legal Shield is a good way for your middle-class clients to acquire the confidence that comes from having legal counsel. Your clients pay a low monthly premium to have legal coverage when something happens rather than paying the retainers that your well-to-do clients would pay.

Although insurance is generally a product that reacts unpredictable situations, there are proactive uses too. Here are the top 5 proactive things current clients use the service for:

  • document review—The attorneys will review your legal documents like contracts, service agreements, and so on. These reviews are valuable because so much of the law is based on legal precedence, something that you are not going to find by looking up the definitions of the words on the page. The attorneys bring out the hidden context that you want to know  about before it becomes a pitfall.

  • phone calls—The attorneys will make phone calls on your behalf. Often other parties become more cooperative if they know that a person has an attorney. The situation always becomes immediately more important when attorneys are involved. Indeed, lots of people do not take things seriously until attorneys are involved.

  • writing and sending letters—The attorney will send written letters on your behalf. This also leads the other parties to take the conflict or agreement with you more seriously.

  • wills—Everyone with assets and heirs will simplify their lives by preparing a will. Legal-Shield attorneys will help your client write a will and will update it annually thereafter. 

  • moving violations—Having an attorney represent you for a moving violation can be a major stress reducer.

12 states do require a state insurance license to sell the Legal-Shield product, so be sure to check with us if you are not certain if your state requires a license or if you are not certain what line-of-authority license is needed.

This product also has a residual stream.