Creative and valuable products that enable insurance agents to feel good about staying in touch with their clients all year round.

Lucent Products collects and offers a growing portfolio of non-insurance products to insurance agents, products that help agents promote and reinforce their core businesses better. We can help you whether you are a one-man band or have a sizable downline.

There are several good reasons for you to consider reselling non-insurance products to complement your insurance offerings:

  • Research has shown that clients whom you enroll in multiple products are more loyal, increasing the persistence of each of your placements with them.

  • Business consultants recommend that you diversify your income streams. If you have income coming from many vendors, you will be partially shielded if insurance carriers suddenly downgrade the value of their products, if the economy goes south, or if the government steps in with statutory or regulatory changes. It is better to lose 20% than 80% of your income if the business environment changes.

  • You often have fewer marketing restrictions for non-insurance products than you do for insurance products. That means that you can turn your marketing efforts there into leads for your insurance—if you do it compliantly.

  • The economy is changing. Sales that used to occur across the kitchen table can now occur in a business' conference room. These new group opportunities are causing sales to be more challenging than ever but also raising the value of each opportunity.

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